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ImageEid-al -Adha or 'Bakra' Eid as it is popularly known in India, is celebrated about 2 months, 9 days after Eid-ul- Fitr. It is the Festival of Sacrifice and marks the end of the Muslim pilgrimage, Hajj. It is celebrated to commemorate the great sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) for the love of Allah. Allah had asked the Prophet to sacrifice whatever was dearest to him and Ibrahim could think of nothing dearer than his beloved son, Ismail. When he was about to raise his hand to bring down the knife, miraculously, a ram appeared in place of his son and this was sacrificed instead.  


As with Eid-ul-Fitr, the celebration of this Eid too involves congregational prayers in the mosque early in the morning, greetings, exchange of gifts, feasting and merrymaking with family and friends. Its special feature, however, is the animal sacrifice, the meat of which is divided into three portions: one is kept for the family, the other is given to relatives, neighbors and friends, and the third to the poor and needy.


One can really get an essence of the festival if one visits the 'goat  market ' at Jama Masjid where people flock to buy the animal for sacrifice.


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