The celebration of Christmas in Delhi transcends the Christian faith to be joined by all communities. Shopping arcades, malls and markets all wear a festive look as the citizens spare no effort  in sharing the Christmas spirit. Christmas in Delhi is all about beautifully illuminated Christmas trees, mistletoe, and of course, Santa Claus.  Confectioneries  too join in the cheer of the season  with their special plum cakes, marzipans, jujubes and cakes in all designs suggesting Christmas. Carols are played in shops and restaurants and  can be heard blaring from the stereos of cars as radio stations too join in the merriment of this festival. As Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, little mangers depicting the nativity scene are put up at various places around the city. It is not uncommon to see someone dressed like Santa, roaming in markets, jingling a bell in his hand. Shops offer special festival discounts and Christmas bazaars and fairs give people a chance to get away  from the hum-drum existence of their  normal routine to join in the revelry and fun.

On the eve of Christmas, special midnight mass is held in the numerous churches scattered around the city. Sacred Hearts Cathedral, the biggest church in Delhi is where majority of the people are headed. A huge manger is set up in the church  grounds and people come from near and far to view it.

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