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Nehru Planetarium

imageNehru Planetarium is a landmark building in Mumbai. Its honeycomb, cylindrical shaped building also features art gallery, restaurant, library, cultural center and a 14-gallery exhibit called Discovery of India. This center has been designed by J M Kadri, one of India’s finest architects.  There is a concert cum movie auditorium too. Children enjoy watching the mysteries of the universe unfold in the various shows at the planetarium.
As this place is frequented by hordes of school children, it is advisable to book tickets at least a day in advance especially on holidays and during summer and winter vacations. They also have sky observation sessions on some evenings or during special celestial events.

Address: Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli
Tel: +91-22-24920510
Show Timings: 12:00 noon-Hindi
                            1:30 pm – Marathi
                            3:00 pm – English
                            430 pm – Hindi
Open: All days except Monday


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