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Mount Mary's Basilica

imageMount Mary’s Church, a Roman Catholic church, is probably Mumbai's most famous church. It is visited by people of all faiths. Perhaps the oldest church in Mumbai, it was built by the Portuguese around 1640 AD. It is situated on a hillock about 80 m above sea level and from there one can get magnificent views on the waters of the Arabian Sea. A  week-long fair held annually on the Sunday following September 8 (which is the Feast of Our Lady of the Mount) draws visitors from all religions. At this time the whole area is gaily decorated with festoons and buntings. The current structure is about a hundred years old but the current statue of Our Lady was bought from Portugal by Jesuit priests in the 16 century when they placed it in a chapel which was constructed at the present location.
The exquisite interiors and stunning architecture also make this place worth visiting.

Location: Mount Mary Church Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 

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