Fast Facts

-Location: Mumbai, a port city, is located on the west coast of India on the shores of the Arabian Sea.    
-  Capital of the state of Maharashtra, Bombay was re-named Mumbai in 1996
-Dialing code- Country: 0091
City : 022

-Emergency numbers:
   Police Control Room( Mumbai City): 22621855
   Fire: 101
   Ambulance: 102

Tourist Information Helpdesk

  -  Maharshtra Tourism Dev. Corp (MTDC): 22024482/ 22024522
  - Govt. of India (ITDC) : 22033144/22033145
  Tourist Police: 22621855
  Traffic Police Control Room: 24937755
  Car Breakdown Service:
  Highway Patrol:  22626655

Telephone Directory Services:

  Airport Enquiry: 26829000
  Indian Airlines: 612-7391/611-2850
  Air India: 146/147/287-6464/287-6565/148/144
  Railway Enquiry: 131 (Western Rialway)
               : 134 (Central Railway)
Population: 18 million (approx) projected to reach 28.5 million by 2020.
Area: 450 sq. km or 170 sq miles. Merger of 7 islands in city area and 4 islands in suburbs
Languages: Marathi is the official language though Hindi and English are widely spoken.
Time zone: IST= UTC +5:30hrs
Average January temperatures: High-31°C
Average July temperatures: High- 30° C
                                           Low- 25° C

Annual rainfall: The average total annual rainfall is 2,146.6 millimetres (84.51 inches)  in the Island City, and 2,457 millimetres (96.73 inches) in the suburbs.
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; round two- or three-pin plugs are standard.