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General Information About Mumbai - India

Best of the city in one day - Mumbai

Best of the city in one day

Like most cities with a rich and vibrant history and an equally thriving modern-day life, there is much to be done and seen in Mumbai, Though not a very large metropolis in terms of area, being the business hub of India has meant that the city has acquired many different faces, each molded by the...

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Fast Facts - Mumbai

Fast Facts

-Location: Mumbai, a port city, is located on the west coast of India on the shores of the Arabian Sea.    
-  Capital of the state of Maharashtra, Bombay was re-named Mumbai in 1996
-Dialing code- Country: 0091Read More

Mumbai History - Mumbai

Mumbai History

Mumbai has a rich and varied history. The origin of its name is also interesting. Mumbai is a combination of two words – ‘Mumba’ and ‘Aai.’ The former is taken from the name of the Koli mother goddess, Mumbadevi and the latter means mother in Marathi. The city was officially accorded this...

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Mumbai Residents - Mumbai

Mumbai Residents

Mumbai is a tolerant mix of people from all over the country, a mosaic of cultures and communities living in harmony, at the same time each group clinging to their individual identity.  A resident of Mumbai is called a Mumbaikar, or Bombayite. The city has many Muslim communities including the...

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Mumbai Today  - Mumbai

Mumbai Today

Mumbai, a port city on the western coast, is India’s economic capital, its financial center and the heart of the Hindi film industry. Major industries in India are head-quartered here. It is also the centre for India’s booming textile...

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When to go - Mumbai

When to go

The weather is one of the main criteria one keeps in mind while planning a holiday and Mumbai is no exception. Being a coastal city, Mumbai experiences humid and sultry weather conditions throughout the year.  Summers, which stretch from March to May especially can be very uncomfortable.The...

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