If you can help it, don’t bother getting taxis in Budapest – the public transport system is fine. There have been one too many incidents of gross rip-offs of tourists by taxi drivers. The taxi firms listed at Budapest are some of the more reputable ones in the city. Avoid taxis with no name on their doors and ones that have a removable light on the cab – they’re just ordinary guys with a car and the most likely to rip you off. Always look for a yellow license plate and an identification badge on the dashboard (as required by law). Not all taxi meters have the same rates and some can be more expensive than others, however there are price ceilings that some firms can manoeuvre within. Be aware that residents rarely flag down a taxi on the street; it is a general practice to call for them and it actually works out to be cheaper if you do. Make sure you know the landline number you are calling from so the dispatcher can determine your whereabouts; a mobile phone will be harder for them to trace.

Budataxi: +361 233 3333
City Taxi: +361 211 1111
Főtaxi: +361 222 2222
Taxi 2000: +361 200 0000
Tele 5 Taxi: +361 555 5555
Zóna Taxi: +361 365 5555