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altThe most on show building in the city, Parliament was completed in 1902 and has 690 gorgeous rooms mixed in a neo-Gothic, neo-Romanesque and neobaroque styles. You’ll only get to see three on a guided tour which takes you around the North Wing. On a tour you’re likely to see the Crown of St Stephen on display, along with the ceremonial sword and, orb and the 10th century Persian crafted sceptre with a crystal lion’s head. The tour will also pass through the Congress hall and the Loge Hall. English speaking tours usually operate around 10am, noon and 2pm but to avoid disappointment book ahead in person.  

Address: V Kossuth Lajos ter 1-3, Gate X
Tel: 441 4904
Times: Mon and Wed-Fri 8am-6pm, to 4pm Sat, to 2pm Sun May-Sept, 8am-4pm Mon and Wed-Sat, to 2pm Sun Oct-Apr
Prices: adult/child 2520/1260Ft


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