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Kerepesi Cemetery

altBudapest’s version of London’s Highgate cemetery or the Pere Lachaise of Paris, this cemetery was established in 1847. Spread across this 56 hectare space has some 3000 graves and mausoleums which are the last resting places of national heroes and some celebrities such as actress Lujza Blaha and poet Endre Ady. Southeast of the main entrance is plot 21 which has the graves of those who died in the 1956 Uprising. There is also a Tribute Museum (323 5132, Mon-Thu 10am-3pm, to 1pm Fri) which looks at the way of death in Hungary and internationally, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Address: Fiumei ut 16
Tel: 323 5100
Times: 7am-8pm May-Jul, to 7pm Apr and Aug, to 6pm Sept, to 5pm Oct-Mar
Price: Free



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