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House of Terror

altThis building has a frightening history as it was once the headquarters of AVH secret police. This force arrested and tortured activists from all sorts of political persuasions within this building and the plaque outside reads: “We cannot forget the horror of terror, and the victims will always be remembered”. Remembered they will be as the wall outside the foyer displays their photos, a tank sits in the centre of the foyer being a stark reminder of this awful time in Budapest’s history. A permanent exhibition ‘Double Occupation’ details the crimes committed by both the fascist and Stalinist regimes but the reconstructed prison cells in the basement below, and the Hall of Tears gallery are the most harrowing.

Address: Andrassy ut 60
Tel: 374 2600
Times: 10am-6pm Tue-Fri, to 7:30pm Sat and Sun
Prices: adult/child 1500/750Ft



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