Great Synagogue

This synagogue is the largest outside of New York City and can seat 3000 worshippers in its Romantic and Moorish style prayer area. Built in 1859, it has been renovated over the years; in an annexe you’ll find the Jewish Museum (342 8949, VII Dohany utca 2) which has objects related to Jewish religious and general culture. Amongst the items is a handwritten book of the local Burial Society, circa the 18th century. To the synagogue’s north side you’ll find the Holocaust Memorial which is a metal ‘tree of life’ that stands over the mass graves of the victims of Nazi persecution in 1944. 

Tel: 413 5500
Address: VII Dohany utca 2-8
Times: Mon-Thu 10am-6pm, to 2pm Fri, to 5:30pm Sun mid Apr-Nov, Mon-Thu 10am-3pm, to 2pm Fri, to 4pm Sun Nov-mid Apr
Prices: adult/child 1600/750Ft


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