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Festivals in Budapest - Hungary

Bridge Festival - Budapest

Bridge Festival

Another festival of music and dance, this event is a one-day affair that is held on bridges and by the river with street theatres offsetting all the music shows. Held on or around the 21st of June, the festival marks the start of summer. ...

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Budapest Art Fair - Budapest

Budapest Art Fair

Naturally held at the Palace of Art in Mucsarnok, this massive forum for showing off classical and contemporary art and sculpture takes place in late November. ...

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Budapest Autumn Festival - Budapest

Budapest Autumn Festival

Made up of cultural events held in multiple city venues, this festival is held from late October to early November. ...

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Budapest Farewell Festival - Budapest

Budapest Farewell Festival

One of Budapest’s most unusual festivals, this citywide ‘Budapesti Bucsu’ has concerts, folklore shows, street theatre and even a carnival to entertain people.  The festival is an occasion that heralds the departure of Soviet troops from Hungarian soil on 19th June 1991. ...

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Budapest Fringe Festival - Budapest

Budapest Fringe Festival

A kind of sideshow to the Spring Festival, this event is held in Millennium Park and other venues around the city. It is a three day festival and showcases non-mainstream theatre, music and dance performances. ...

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Budapest International Marathon - Budapest

Budapest International Marathon

The most famous race in Eastern Europe starts in early October, where you’ll see racers run along the Danube and the city’s bridges. ...

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Budapest Music Weeks - Budapest

Budapest Music Weeks

All types of classical music, from the legendary to the sacrilegious, are showcased in venues across Budapest for a full month, starting from late September. ...

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Budapest Spring Festival - Budapest

Budapest Spring Festival

Cramming in over 200 events, this is the capital’s largest and most important festival which truly expresses Hungarian culture. It takes place over two weeks in late March/early April. ...

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