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Athens - Greece
Athens Today
Athens, capital to Greece is one of the many metropolises of the world with an ever growing population. Athens is a place where life is constantly on the move. It is a perfect fusion of ancient meets modern. Juxtaposed with the remnants and ruins of ...
Athens History
Athens is truly a historical city- it has existed for the last 3000 years and still fascinates many. Ancient Greece strikes up in one's imagination the vivid imagery associated with Greek mythology, that of  tales of gods and the goddesses once ...

This is the most well-known historical site in Athens, and maybe of the Western World. Pericles is...

National Archeological Museum
This is a world famous museum and a storehouse of significant archeological finds from different...

Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art
This too is a private collection consisting of art dating from the Cycladic Era to the Roman times....

Ancient Agora
The Agora is the most renowned of Athens sites. It dates back to 6 th century B.C. It was the...

Roman Agora
For 500 years from 100 BC to 400 AD this was the commercial heart of Athens. The market place...


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Athens - Greece City Guide & Travel Information


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