Athen's streets are dotted with taxis, a popular mode of travel amongst locals and tourists alike. Usual taxi rides are inexpensive, however, charges are higher outside the metro stations, the airport and tourist attractions. Many cab drivers do not speak English which could be problematic. Prices vary depending on what time of the day it is, the distance travelled and whether passengers are carrying luggage. Passengers should make it a point to see that the meter is set to the right tariff.

Price: 0.30 EUR per km or more

 Radio cabs are also a good alternative since it will save you the hassle of wasted time catching a cab, as well as the hassle of putting up with other passengers in the same taxi. If visitors have to be somewhere on time it makes more sense to call a radio cab. Visitors can call a radio cab from one of the following reliable radio taxi operators:

Tel: 210-532-3300

Tel: 210-418-2333

Tel:210- 993-4812

Tel: 210-921-7942