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Metro AthensAthen's Metro network is relatively new. It is, however, very efficient. This newer network integrates Athen's old subway system as well which means  prices vary depending on whether passengers are travelling on the old or new lines. Prices also fluctuate frequently. Tickets are to be bought at the stations and must be kept safely till passengers disembark the metro. Most tourists proceed to the Syntagma or the Acropolis stations [the main metro stations] and then proceed from here to the different sites and monuments.These are very interesting stations since they have put on display the relics uncovered whilst constructing these stations.


Timings: 5:00 A.M- 12 A.M
Price:   0.60 EUR [old line]
 0.75 EUR [new line]
 3 EUR [day pass]
Website: www.ametro.gr


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