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Transportation - Getting Around in Athens - Greece

Buses - Athens


Buses are not the easiest mode of travel in Athens. Figuring out which bus to take is time consuming and buses are often overcrowded. Tickets can be bought at kiosks which are present throughout Athens. This ticket must be validated once passengers get on the bus. Do not lose it either since you...

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Car for hire - Athens

Car for hire

Hiring a car is not advisable since traffic is chaotic in Athens and traffic jams are not an unknown phenomenon. Benefits of hiring a car and driver are that the driver will know his way around the city; he will also be well versed in Greek traffic regulations. In addition tourists are saved the...

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Driving tips - Athens

Driving tips

Drivers should carry with them at all times an International Driving License. They should have at least one year driving experience. They should have on them documents pertaining to the car at all times.  Park the car correctly; not doing so can result in a 250 or more Euros fine along with...

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From the airport - Athens

From the airport

From Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos:
Tourists can take line three of the Metro into the centre of Athens. This will be the quickest and most efficient means of transport. This will cost about 6 Euros. Travel time is approximately 35 minutes to one hour. Trains usually run...

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Metro - Athens


Athen's Metro network is relatively new. It is, however, very efficient. This newer network integrates Athen's old subway system as well which means  prices vary depending on whether passengers are travelling on the old or new lines. Prices also fluctuate frequently. Tickets are to be bought...

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Taxi - Athens


Athen's streets are dotted with taxis, a popular mode of travel amongst locals and tourists alike. Usual taxi rides are inexpensive, however, charges are higher outside the metro stations, the airport and tourist attractions. Many cab drivers do not speak English which could be problematic. Prices...

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Trams - Athens


Tickets can be bought from kiosks throught the city.   Timings: 5 A.M- 12 A.M.
Price:  ...

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