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Kolonaki AthensThis is one of the major shopping areas of Athens. The following brands are available here:


Artisti Italiani

This store houses Italian women and menswear

Address: 5 Kanari
Tel: 210-363-9085



Sportswear is available here


Address: 5 Solonos
Tel: 210-321-8030


Berto Lucci

Casual and formal men's clothing is available here.


Address: 8 Solonos
Tel: 210-360-3775



Designer clothing for women is available here


Address: 5 Anagnostopoulou 
Tel: 210-361-8713 


Elina Lembessi

Casual clothing for women and accessories are available here


Address: 13 Irakleitou

Tel: 210-363-1731


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