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Restaurants in Athens - Greece

Aigli - Athens


The ambience in this restaurant is relaxed and the dishes on the menu are superb. Apart from the main courses the desserts too are delectable. Don't miss out on the crème brulee, the sorbets or the profiteroles. Located next to this restaurant are a cinema and a café. This is the perfect choice...

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Anthinaikon  - Athens


This restaurant has a beautiful interior and excellent appetizers and entrees. The wonderful floors, marble tables and wooden chairs along with the walls decked with old photographs provide guests with a beautiful setting amidst which they can enjoy their meals. Meat and seafood dishes are popular...

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Damigos - Athens


This tavern dates back to 1865 and is renowned for its delicious seafood and vegetarian dishes. The specialty here is the fried codfish and eggplant. Don't miss out on the sauces either which nicely complement the entrees.
  Cuisine: Mediterranean Address: 41...

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Diporto Agoras - Athens

Diporto Agoras

The food served here is both delicious and inexpensive. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious and the food served is traditional dishes that the Greeks absolutely love- these include salads and stews primarily. The specialty is, however, the chickpeas and the grilled fish which are both...

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Filipou - Athens


This restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes. The entrees listed on the menu are diverse but vegetarians will be thrilled by the delectable vegetable stews and salads.
  Cuisine: Greek Address: 19 Xenokratous, Kolonaki
Tel: 210-721-6390  ...

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Kalliste - Athens


The interior of this restaurant is chic and stylish. Amidst this beautiful ambience, guests are treated to delicious traditional Greek dishes with a twist. Excellent quality simple dishes with an eccentric touch here and there sums up what you will find on the menu here. Chicken with hazelnuts is...

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Kouti - Athens


This restaurant consists of indoor and outdoor tables which provide a stunning view of the Acropolis. Better than the view is the food with jazzed up traditional dishes listed on the menu. The salads are exceptionally good here as well.    Cuisine: Greek & International Address:...

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Neon - Athens


This is a popular joint amongst Athenians who want to grab a quick bite. It is not a traditional restaurant since it has self- service but the dishes and the desserts are excellent, taste and quality wise. The salads, the pastas and the cakes are all worth trying out. There is much diversity on the...

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