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Roman Agora

Roman Agora AthensFor 500 years from 100 BC to 400 AD this was the commercial heart of Athens. The market place buzzed with the sale of salt, oil and wheat along with a number of other merchants selling their products. Its most outstanding feature is the Gate of Athena, Archegetis,  funded by Julius Caesar and Augustus as the inscription says. The Tower of the Winds located here is well preserved. This tower functioned as a sundial measuring the direction of the winds. The Victory Mosque built in the 1400s to commemorate the conquest of Athens by the Turks is also located here.


Timings: Daily 8 A.M- 3 or 7 P.M.
Address: Pelopidas and Aiolou
Admission: 2 EUR
Tel: 210-324-5220



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