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Athens Residents

Athens residents AthensAthens has a population of 3.7 million people [this figure includes only the metropolitan population]. This figure is composed of locals and a number of illegal immigrants from Albania, Turkey, Armenia and other Eastern European countries. Whilst the majority is practicing Christians, Muslims and Jews also live in Athens though in fewer numbers.


The city had stagnated relatively speaking but was resurrected following the 2004 Olympic Games hosted by it which resulted in the growth of the city and as a result, growth in the wealth of its residents. Today its residents enjoy a relatively high standard of living.


The Athenian people staying true to the notion that Athens was the birthplace of democracy are extremely politically aware and very vocal about their political views and orientations. Athens is one of the most political cities in Europe and Athenians are some of the most political people in all of Europe. They speak out against their government where they feel the need to.


They are also very hearty and festive; this is evident from their love for Greek song and dance and the enthusiasm with which they celebrate their festivals. Whilst they love to have fun they are beneath it all deeply conservative and traditional as well. Family oriented, most Athenians have the utmost respect for their culture and traditions.


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