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General Information About Athens - Greece

Annual Temperature - Athens

Annual Temperature

13 C°
9 C°

13 C°
10 C°

16 C°
12 C°

20 C°
16 C°

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Athens History - Athens

Athens History

Athens is truly a historical city- it has existed for the last 3000 years and still fascinates many. Ancient Greece strikes up in one's imagination the vivid imagery associated with Greek mythology, that of  tales of gods and the goddesses once revered in that culture. Proof of this are the...

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Athens Residents - Athens

Athens Residents

Athens has a population of 3.7 million people [this figure includes only the metropolitan population]. This figure is composed of locals and a number of illegal immigrants from Albania, Turkey, Armenia and other Eastern European countries. Whilst the majority is practicing Christians, Muslims and...

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Athens Today - Athens

Athens Today

Athens, capital to Greece is one of the many metropolises of the world with an ever growing population. Athens is a place where life is constantly on the move. It is a perfect fusion of ancient meets modern. Juxtaposed with the remnants and ruins of Ancient Greece built as early as the 6 th Century...

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Exchange Rates - Athens

Exchange Rates

  The only currency used in Athens is the Euro. {loadposition currency}   ...

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Fast Facts - Athens

Fast Facts

Athens is located in the plain of Attica which is bound by a number of Mountains [Aegaleo, Parnitha, Hymettus and Penteli] and the Saronic Gulf.    Dialing code
 21   Emergency numbers
Fire: 199
Police: 100
Tourist Police: 171Read More

Public Holidays - Athens

Public Holidays

January 1: New Years Day
January 6: Epiphany or 12th Night
February 19: Ash Monday
March 25: Independence Day
May 1: Labor Day
Orthodox Good Friday
Orthodox Easter Monday
May 28: Whit Monday
August 19: Assumption Day Read More

Visa Information - Athens

Visa Information

Getting a visa is not required for citizens of America, Japan, Australia, Canada and European Union member states who plan on visiting Athens for less than 90 days.
Other nationalities need to get the Schengen Visa to travel to...

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