Driving Tips

It is essential to know at least a few German words if you are planning on driving in Germany.

Here is a list of words which will be of use:
Detour: Umleitun
Diesel: Diesel
Entrance: Eingang
Exit: Ausgang
Forbidden: Verboten
Four Lane Highway: Landstrasse
Gasoline: Benzin
Gas Station: Tankstelle
Map: Carte
Motor oil: Motor oel
No parking: Parken verboten
One-way: Einbahn
Police: Polizei
Traffic Jam: Stau

Also before you begin driving it would be useful to have a look at the various signs and traffic signals so as to understand the road signs and speed limits. Speed limits are generally as follows: City- 50 kilometers per hour, Open Roads-100 kilometers per hour and on the highways-130 kilometers per hour when stated, otherwise there is no speed limit. Gas stations are open 24 hours a day. In fact gas stations are some of the only places open on Sundays and after 2000 hours and are generally the only place where you can get things at the last minute.

Another thing to note is that traffic travels on the right and trams do not have the right of way. All overtaking should be done on the right on a two-way street and can be done on either side on a one-way street. The traffic lights are reversed in Germany. The yellow light appears before the traffic light turns green, not before it turns red. Also you cannot make a right turn on a red light in Germany.