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Munich Walk Tours

altThis company offers a number of 'Discover Munich' Walks, which take in all the major sightseeing places of the city. The assortment of walks include walks such as 'Hitler & the Third Reich' and the 'Dachau Memorial Walks'.

The City Walk
Timing: March - November daily at 10.45
Duration: 2.25 hours
Cost: € 9 


The Beer and Brewery tour
Timing: April - October; Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 15.30,
Duration: 3 hours
Cost April to October € 12

Hitler's Munich-Third Reich Tour
Timing: March - November; Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday
Timing: 2.5 hours
Cost: € 11


Tel: 0171-2740204

( Children under 14 with an adult go free on these tours


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