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Hotel Pension-Beck

ImageThis hotel is well known by those traveling on a budget. This stately town- house-turned hotel is situated in the Lehel sector, close to some of the tourist attractions such as the Deutsches Museum.  One can expect a very warm and cordial welcome by the owner of the establishment who has a soft corner for English-speaking visitors. Pinewood furniture, comfortable beds and fine carpeting add to the atmosphere of warmth and congeniality. This place crackles with a lively Bavarian ambience. If you don't expect too many amenities, you will not be disappointed. Most rooms don't have private bathrooms, however, the bathrooms in the hallway in most cases, are quite sufficient. If you want to use your own laptop, free internet access is available in the reception area.


Address: Thierschstrasse 36, Central Munich
Tel: 089/220-708
Website: www.pension-beck.de


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