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General Information About Munich - Germany

Annual Temperature - Munich

Annual Temperature

1 C° (34 F°)
-5 C° (23 F°)

3 C° (38 F°)
-4 C° (25 F°)

8 C° (47 F°)
0 C° (32 F°)


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Exchange Rates - Munich

Exchange Rates

The currency used in Germany is the Euro (EUR). {loadposition currency}
You will always get a better exchange rate at a bank than at your hotel. American Express traveler's checks can be cashed at the local American Express office. The Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) money exchange...

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Fast Facts - Munich

Fast Facts

Southeastern Germany, on the River Isar, north of the Bavarian Alps

Local City Name:
310 sq km
120 sq miles

Dialing code:
+49 89

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General Visa Information - Munich

General Visa Information

A valid passport or other identification document is required by foreign nationals in order to enter Germany. The passport must be valid for a minimum of four months at least after entry into Germany or the Schengen area (The Schengen member states include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,...

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Munich History - Munich

Munich History

Munich was established in 1158 by Henry the Lion who was the duke of Saxony and Bavaria. The city's name comes from the settlement near which it was situated, called Munichen. In 1255 it became the residence of the Wittelsbach family, the dukes of Bavaria. It became the capital of Bavaria in 1503....

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Munich Residents - Munich

Munich Residents

Munich is Germany's third largest city. The city has a population of about 1.3 million. People are friendly, the atmosphere is good-humored and there are things to do all year round. The people of Munich are well-educated and there is a flourishing gay population. Underneath the fun-loving exterior...

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Munich today - Munich

Munich today

Munich, the capital of Bavaria is located on the Isar River. Its image is that of a high-spirited and festival-addicted city. There is an old charm to the city which combines with the energetic, cosmopolitan feel to provide the perfect mix. Munich is renowned for its architecture and culture. The...

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Public Holidays - Munich

Public Holidays

January 1 - New Year's Day
January 6 - Epiphany
 March/April -Easter - Good Friday and Easter Monday
May 1 - Labor Day
Ascension Day - 10 days before Pentecost, the seventh Sun after Easter
Whit-Monday - day after Whitsunday/Pentecost
Corpus Christi -...

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