The best and easiest way to get around Frankfurt is by subway. A one way ticket costs €5.40 and strict penalties are imposed if a person is found without a ticket, including a fine of €40. The subway system is divided into the U-Bahn, which is blue with a U sign and the S-Bahn, which is green with an S sign. The S-Bahn is used for the suburbs and to get a ride to and from the airport while the U-Bahn is for commuting within the urban areas of the city.
Tickets are bought on the spot but the ticket machines are complicated, so it’s best to get help from officials or a bystander.
If you have plans to explore the city all day, make sure to buy one of the ‘magical’ Frankfurt cards. This car gives you unlimited discounts on all sorts of public transport and can even earn you a discount on museum tickets! The Frankfurt card, available at tourist shops, airport terminals and travel agencies, is valid for one or two days and is available separately for individuals and groups. The cost of the card is:
1 person, 1 day = €8.9
Group, 1 day = €18
The downside is that the S-Bahn is particularly known for its delayed departures so remember to account for this while making your plans.