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Transportation - Getting Around in Frankfurt - Germany

Bike - Frankfurt


Biking is very common on the roads of Frankfurt. People are seen enjoying the beauty of the river side and the constant activity of the markets while peddling away on bikes. Several bicycle rental services are available with Deutsche Bahn being the most popular. DB has a very convenient bike...

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Bus - Frankfurt


Traveling by bus isn’t a very common practice in Frankfurt. Tourists usually take buses in order to get from the Frankfurt Airport to the main city. The airport runs shuttle services to accommodate these needs. ...

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Car for hire - Frankfurt

Car for hire

Driving around Frankfurt is not such a good idea because of the constant hustle and bustle of tourists and the crowded roadside stalls. During the peak times of the season, parking spaces are hard to find and illegal parking can lead to terribly high fines and penalties since most parking spaces...

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Driving Tips - Frankfurt

Driving Tips

Before you hire a car, you need to take into account Frankfurt’s laws for driving around the city. With heavy tourist activity and a high crime rate, laws in Frankfurt have become even stricter. There are regular fines, tailgating charges and radar traps to watch out for. Moreover, Germany has a...

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Subway - Frankfurt


The best and easiest way to get around Frankfurt is by subway. A one way ticket costs €5.40 and strict penalties are imposed if a person is found without a ticket, including a fine of €40. The subway system is divided into the U-Bahn, which is blue with a U sign and the S-Bahn, which is green...

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Taxi - Frankfurt


Exploring Frankfurt by a taxi is a good idea as taxi fares are very reasonable and one can find taxis very easily throughout the city at various spots. Be careful to not be tricked by a taxi driver as they tend to act smart if they learn that you do not know your way around here. Taxi drivers tend...

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Tram - Frankfurt


Trams are the best mode of transport within the city due to heavy tourist flow. Frankfurt has 9 tram lines and they arrive every 10 to 12 minutes at various spots in the city. Trams as a mode of intracity transport is easier and much more pleasant as tourists can enjoy sightseeing along the way.Read More


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