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Surf ‘n Turf Steak House

altCuisine: Steaks and seafood
Arguably the best Steak house in all of Germany, Surf ‘n Turf is a sizzling restaurant that serves one of the most extensive menus. Appetizers are full of salads and sidelines while main courses are very filling, including mouthwatering steaks in all kinds of meats and cuts that can be prepared just the way you want them. Make sure you call for reservations to be sure of a wonderful evening at the steak house. Prices can reach up to around 150 Euros and the place is open Monday to Friday 12 noon to 3pm, and Monday to Saturday 6pm to midnight.

Address: Grüneburgweg 95
    60323 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069 - 72 21 22
Website: www.the-steakhouse.de


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