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Restaurant Emma Metzler

altCuisine: International/local
Set in the park of the Museum of Applied Arts, this restaurant prepares some of Frankfurt’s best international food. The layout of the entire area is a breath of fresh air as it’s set in one of the greenest areas that Frankfurt has to offer. The daily lunch specials offer 2 or 3 course meals for vegetarians as well as meat lovers. A la carte options are also available. The restaurant is open from to Tuesday to Saturday, noon to midnight and Sundays from noon to 6 pm. It can also be booked for parties and special events.

Address: Schaumainkai 17
   60594 Frankfurt am Main
   Museum Embankment Sachsenhausen
Phone: 069 - 6199 5906
Fax: 069 - 6199 5909
Website: www.emma-metzler.com


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