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Restaurants in Frankfurt - Germany

Acquapazza - Frankfurt


Cuisine: Italian
One of the pricey restaurants in Frankfurt, Acquapazza serves all kinds of Italian dishes and is famous for its fish. Located at the West End of the city, it attracts a large crowd of Westerners, both local and foreigners. An elaborate restaurant with fine...

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Avocado Bistro - Frankfurt

Avocado Bistro

Cuisine: French, Mediterranean
A short but carefully selected menu awaits you at the friendly and posh Avocado Bistro. Dishes usually change with seasons but anything that is served is sure to be fresh and mouth wateringly delicious! Located in the heart of the city, this...

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Bistro Rosa - Frankfurt

Bistro Rosa

Cuisine: Continental
A charming bistro in Frankfurt’s Westend, Rosa Bistro has a décor of pretty gingham curtains and a pig motif. The food is quality German cuisine with meats and poultries like lamb, goose, duck and pheasant cooked and seasoned perfectly. During the...

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Bull + Bear - Frankfurt

Bull + Bear

Cuisine:  International, Mediterranean
With an appealing modern décor and soaring ceilings, Bull + Bear is famous among the office workers around the area who drop by for lunch. There’s an extensive menu of pizzas, pastas, salad, burgers, paninis, coffees and juices. ...

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Cafe Laumer - Frankfurt

Cafe Laumer

Cuisine: German, Austrian
A historic café opened in 1919 and frequented by the likes of philosopher Theodor Adorno, Café Laumer has a friendly, cozy ambiance and delicious breakfasts, lunches, coffees and cakes. It’s located in the popular Westend of the city. Read More

Das Leben ist Schön - Frankfurt

Das Leben ist Schön

Cuisine: Italian
One of the cheaper Italian restaurants, Das Leben ist Schon, has some of the best pizzas in town. The chefs are experts in Italian food and the restaurant specializes in good food for as little as 6 Euros! The place has a very homey environment with walls...

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Erno’s Bistro - Frankfurt

Erno’s Bistro

Cuisine: French
Don’t judge this place by its size. Despite being cramped, Erno’s Bistro holds a very high reputation in Frankfurt and serves the finest French cuisine. Under the guidance of renowned chef Erno Schmitt, the restaurant was the first in Frankfurt to earn a Michelin star....

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Gargantua- (moving addresses) - Frankfurt

Gargantua- (moving addresses)

Cuisine: Continental
Another one of Frankfurt’s upscale restaurants, the Gargantua is stylishly set in a green and white theme with outdoor arrangements of tables for dining al fresco. With tons of specialties, dishes are prepared with a multitude of fresh ingredients and...

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