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Staedel Museum

altStaedel Museum, one of the leading museums of Frankfurt, has an extensive collection of art- about 2700 paintings, 100,000 drawing and about 600 sculptures- from renowned artists depicting the progression of culture through Frankfurt’s history. Opened under the name and will of Johann Friedrich Stadel, the museum is also dedicated to thorough art research. The Städel Art Institute follows the museum’s mission of art education and teaches and preserves art for further study. Standard admission fee is 12 Euros.

Opening hours are:

   Tuesday, Friday-Sunday 10:00-20:00 clock 
   Wednesday and Thursday 10:00-22:00 clock
   The museum is closed Mondays.

Address: Holbeinstraße 1
   60596 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069-605098-0
URL: www.staedelmuseum.de


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