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Museum of World Cultures

altFormerly known as the Museum of Ethnology, the Museum of World Cultures aims to promote global understanding and acceptance by facilitating thoughtful dialogue and presenting unifying ideals. The building at Schaumainkai 29 has exihibits emphasizing timeless questions of human existence while Gallery 27 presents work by contemporary artists from India, Africa, Oceania and Indonesia. Visits to the museum are accompanied by enriching tours, workshops, presentations and discussions that are sure to expand your views. Curious minds will also enjoy the library with its 40,000 book collection and the Intercultural Atelier, which presents a tactile approach to learning.

Address: Museum der Weltkulturen (mdw)
   Schaumainkai 29-37
   60594 Frankfurt
Phone: +49(0)6921235913
Fax: +49(0)6921230704
URL: www.mdw-frankfurt.de


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