Museum for Communication

A very unique museum of its kind, the award-winning Museum for Communication exhibits the various kinds of communications present in today’s world and how each evolved into its current form. The importance of communication and its history is a major field of study for specialists so this museum holds special importance in the academic arena. As a practical display, old models of fax machines, phones and typewriters have been put on for viewing and even trying. In addition to this there is also a small collection of paintings on the communication theme.
Museum timings are:
Mon closed, Tue - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM; Sat-Sun 11 AM - 7 PM.
Tickets:  2 Euros for adults; 1 euro for children.

Address: Schaumainkai 53
Phone: +49 69 6060-0
Fax: (+49 69 6060-666)

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