Frankfurt city tours

Tour 1
Perfect for those who want a glimpse of Frankfurt’s attractions while expending minimal effort, this tour lasts two hours and gives visitors an overview of the main metropolis of the city. Tourists get to pass by places of interest like the Museum Embankment, Stock Exchange, Applewine District Old Sachsenhausen, Banking District, Main Train Station, Old Opera House, and the Fairground. A walk around the historic Romerberg is also included to let you roam around the famous square to get a feel of the history of Frankfurt. Service charges vary depending on whether you hire a German guide or an English guide and based on the bus rental charges.

Tour 2
This is an extension of the previous tour. It comes with the option of an inside and extended tour of the same places as in Tour 1 for 3 hours. It also includes a visit to the deck of the Main Tower to see the city from up high. Charges for this tour are higher than tour 1 as each monument visited has an additional entry fees.