Frankfurt am Main along

The tour walk starts from the office of this central tourist station and people get to visit the following places: Peace Bridge (new Western Harbour development, Main terraces), Nice (green), Untermainkai, Holbein Steg, Schaumainkai, Museum Embankment, Iron Bridge, Sachsenhausen Bank (view of old town, churches, Skyline), Old Bridge (ford, founding legend), Frankensteiner place (Alt Sachsenhausen, Apple Wine Quarter), Flößerbrücke (Mr German district, Main Plaza). Look at future site of the ECB (former wholesale market hall).

However, this tour shows these places from the outside only and a visit to the Romerberg is not included.  25 people are allowed in one group over its duration of two hours. It is very educational if you want a briefing of all the major attractions.