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Organized Tours in Frankfurt - Germany

Bent Tours - Frankfurt

Bent Tours

This tour operator specializes in cycling and walking tours around the city. It has carefully planned routes along which the bikers and walkers unravel the treasures of the city that are hidden from the eyes of those who travel through air and rail.

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Boat Trips - Frankfurt

Boat Trips

To view the skyline in ultimate luxury, arrange a boat trip through Frankfurt Tourismus. ...

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Children’s Educational Tour - Frankfurt

Children’s Educational Tour

A one of its kind tour for children that lets them learn while having fun on the city streets, the educational tour starts from Romer and ends at the platform of the Main Tower. In between children are told of the rich Frankfurt history preserved at the Historical Museum, the Cathedral and Town...

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Frankfurt am Main along - Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main along

The tour walk starts from the office of this central tourist station and people get to visit the following places: Peace Bridge (new Western Harbour development, Main terraces), Nice (green), Untermainkai, Holbein Steg, Schaumainkai, Museum Embankment, Iron Bridge, Sachsenhausen Bank (view of old...

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Frankfurt Animal - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Animal

This tour follows a trail of animal tracks and includes the same monuments as the previous tour.  It is very adventurous and offers information on the presence of wildlife in Frankfurt.  ...

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Frankfurt Christmas Tour - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Christmas Tour

This is joyous walk through the decorated and lit Christmas markets of Frankfur. The tour starts from Romer and along the way you’ll hear historic Frankfurt stories and tales of famous personalities before finishing the tour with a warm cup of cider.

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Frankfurt city tours - Frankfurt

Frankfurt city tours

Tour 1
Perfect for those who want a glimpse of Frankfurt’s attractions while expending minimal effort, this tour lasts two hours and gives visitors an overview of the main metropolis of the city. Tourists get to pass by places of interest like the Museum Embankment, Stock...

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Frankfurt Tourismums - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Tourismums

Phone: 069/21-23-88-00
Website: www.frankfurt-tourismus.de

The other office is in Romerberg 27 and is open Monday to Friday 9 30am to 5 30 pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.  ...

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