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Hotel Liebig

altThis hotel is set within an art nouveau townhouse and has been displaying its elegance and European charm for the last 50 years. The well-maintained and tastefully furnished Hotel Liebig can be thought of as a smaller, more personalized version of the big, upscale places closer to the city center. Room rates vary from 115 to 195 Euros and parking has an additional charge of 14 Euros. This an excellent place to stay if you want to spend a few days in complete relaxation in the west end of town while enjoying all the comforts of home. The 20 rooms are fitted with TV, mini bar, safe and AC. Other facilities include a garden, non smoking areas and a breakfast room.

Address: Hotel Liebig
   Liebigstrasse 45,
   Frankfurt am Main 60323
Phone: 069/2418299
Fax: 069/24182991
URL: www.hotelliebig.de


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