Frankfurt Residents

Due to the high influx of immigrants, Frankfurt is home to a mixture of people from more than 180 nationalities. Being a multicultural society has added greatly to the already rich German culture depicted in the monuments and museums. The population of nearly 2.3 million is comprised of people of all backgrounds and professions, including wealthy businessmen, college students, traders from countries as diverse as Turkey, U.S.A, Bosnia, Spain, France, Japan and India.
With the increased transportation facilities, 35% of the people in the city are immigrants and 25% of the people living in Frankfurt don’t have German passports. These aspects also have downside. In the last decade, Frankfurt has experienced a rise in its crime rates especially with regard to smuggling and pick pocketing.  Nevertheless, Frankfurt is an amazing place to be with some of the most hospitable, friendly and courteous people in the world, who aim at building strong relationships.