Fast Facts

•    Location: Frankfurt has a very attractive location. It is set beautifully on an ancient ‘ford’ (which is the place where a river may be crossed) on the River Main. 524km in length, this river crosses a lot of major German cities, including Bavaria. The city is in the heart of the ‘Rhine’ which is the largest metropolitan region in Germany.
•    Dialing codes:  country code: +49,  city code to Frankfurt: +69
•    Emergency (police or ambulance): 112
•    Airport enquiry:   1. Frankfurt Hahn (HHN): (06543) 509 200.
                            2.Flughafen Frankfurt/Main (FRA):  (069) 6900

•    Population: 667330
•    Density: 2638 per sq km
•    Language: The official language is German but English is also widely used by the people, followed by Spanish and Italian since 25.4% of the population is comprised of non Germans.
•    Total spread of the city: Frankfurt covers a total area of 248.31 sq km and rises to an elevation of 112m.
•    Time zone: CET/CEST(UTC+1/+2)
•    Annual rainfall: 640mm
•    Highest summer temperature: 33.6 °C.
•    Lowest winter temperature: -10°C.