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General Information About Frankfurt - Germany

Annual Temperatures - Frankfurt

Annual Temperatures

Month        Min. Temp °C    Max. Temp °C
January          -3                         1
February        -2                         3
March             0                         8
April        ...

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Currency and Exchange Rates - Frankfurt

Currency and Exchange Rates

 The currency in Frankfurt is the euro, which became Germany's official currency in 2002. It is divided into 100 cents. Euro come in denominations of five, ten, twenty, fifty, 100, 200 and 500 notes and one, two, five, ten, twenty and fifty cent coins. {loadposition currency} ...

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Fast Facts - Frankfurt

Fast Facts

•    Location: Frankfurt has a very attractive location. It is set beautifully on an ancient ‘ford’ (which is the place where a river may be crossed) on the River Main. 524km in length, this river crosses a lot of major German cities, including Bavaria. The...

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Frankfurt History - Frankfurt

Frankfurt History

Most of Frankfurt’s history revolves around its location, a swampy valley at the intersection of two river channels. Though artifacts can be found dating back to the Paleolithic period, the first settlements were of the Romans during the first century CE.  After Roman settlement, the first...

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Frankfurt Residents - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Residents

Due to the high influx of immigrants, Frankfurt is home to a mixture of people from more than 180 nationalities. Being a multicultural society has added greatly to the already rich German culture depicted in the monuments and museums. The population of nearly 2.3 million is comprised of people of...

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Frankfurt Today - Frankfurt

Frankfurt Today

Frankfurt am Main is located by the Main River in Germany’s second largest metropolitan area. Home to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, European Central Bank and the German Federal Bank, this dynamic city is known as the financial center of continental Europe and has been playfully nicknamed...

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Public Holidays - Frankfurt

Public Holidays

1st January- New Year’s Day.
6th January- Epiphany (a Christian fest to celebrate God’s revelation to mankind).
During April: Good Friday.
During April: Easter Monday.
1st May: Labor Day.
During May: Ascension Day.
During May/June: Whit Monday.Read More

When to go - Frankfurt

When to go

The ideal time for you to visit Frankfurt is the late spring to early autumn period in the months of April and May. The summer months are usually warm around 25 °C to 35 °C with high levels of humidity and light rainfall is expected. However, winters in Frankfurt can get pretty harsh in the...

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