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Berlin - Germany
Berlin today
Berlin is a large and prosperous city, where business and slick city styles amalgamate with vibrant arts, music and youth scenes. It is built over several waterways making almost any journey require crossing a bridge. Beautiful ancient architecture, ...
Berlin History
Berlin has had an illustrious history, if a relatively short one, and has been in the hands of five forms of government, all in the 20th century. Berlin was only founded as a city in the 13th Century and was initially a small town. It was ...

Museum Island (Museuminsel)
the river Spree divides Mitte into North and South sections and in the middle of it is the...

the largest, and arguably one of the most famous squares in Berlin. It historically had markets so...

the large central park in Berlin is a beautiful escape from the busy life of the city. The...

Brandenburg Gate
the symbol of Berlin and definitely the most photographed monument in the city. Designed by Carl...

Jüdisches museum (The Jewish Museum)
This eye-opening collection of artefacts are a must-see for visitors who want to know the real past...

Berlin - Germany City Guide & Travel Information


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