Taxis can be a convenient method to get around when there is no other option. They can be flagged down on the road (when the yellow light is on, the taxi is empty) or at a taxi stand. You can expect Taxi drivers to speak passable English. Although all taxis are metered, there may sometimes be a cheaper alternative if you are only going a short distance and have flagged the taxi on the road.

Try to be as precise as possible when relating addresses to taxi drivers as there are many similar looking and sounding areas and streets in Berlin. Berliners always put the ‘street’, ‘avenue’ or ‘lane’ term after the name of the road to avoid confusion.

Taxis can also arrive where you are if you telephone them. Some of the Taxi companies in Berlin are:

Telephone: 21 02 02

Würfelfunk Berlin
Telephone: 21 01 01

Telephone: 26 10 26

Telephone: 44 33 22