Car for hire

There are facilities for renting cars in Germany, provided you have a valid driving license and are over 18 years old. Depending on the type of rental car, you might need to have held your license for 1-3 years. A young driver surcharge may sometimes be added and all passengers are required to wear a seatbelt.
Most of the big car rental companies are situated close to the Tegel Airport and prices are reasonable. Cars rented in Germany can be driven to the surrounding countries, provided the rental company is notified. They generally have a list of allowable countries.

Avis Berlin
Flughafen Tegel, 13405 Berlin – Wedding
Telephone: 41 01 31 48
Avis has several locations throughout the city, and regularly does deals for family travelers, business travelers etc.

10178 Berlin – Mitte
Telephone: 2407900
Europcar is conveniently located in most railway stations and the airport and has online bookings. They also follow a sustainable development program called the Green Program.

Robben & Wientje
Prinzenstraße 90/91, 10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg
Telephone: 616 770,
It is a local rental company offering capped kilometre deals on cars, small trucks and vans. The website unfortunately, is only in German, but the staff speak English and they can have good value for money vehicles.

13405 Berlin – Tegel
Telephone: 41012886
Sixt is the German branch of the Hertz network with 12 offices in Berlin. They also offer easy-to-use online bookings.