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Transportation - Getting Around in Berlin - Germany

Bicycles and trams - Berlin

Bicycles and trams

There are efficient Bicycle routes through most of Berlin and hiring a bike for your stay can be an interesting and fulfilling way to see the city. Bikes can also be taken on trains and some buses.  The cyclist hotline (01805 151 415) will give you information on the rules and regulations to do...

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Buses - Berlin


The bright yellow double deckered caterpillars are an icon of the Berlin city-scape. They are slower than any of the other means of public transport but will certainly take you anywhere you wish to go with growls and aplomb. Bus and tram stops have yellow and green ‘H’ signs. ...

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Car for hire - Berlin

Car for hire

There are facilities for renting cars in Germany, provided you have a valid driving license and are over 18 years old. Depending on the type of rental car, you might need to have held your license for 1-3 years. A young driver surcharge may sometimes be added and all passengers are required to wear...

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Driving Tips - Berlin

Driving Tips

Germany has a world-renowned series of superhighways, the AutoBahn; they were in fact the first of their kind in the world. Driving in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany therefore, is enjoyable and safe. Traffic moves on the right so be wary if you are inexperienced in this. Try to avoid the far left...

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From the airport - Berlin

From the airport

Berlin has two Airports; Tegel, about 10km from the centre of the city, and Shoenefeld, about 20km to the south-east of the city. Tegel is the main international airport and services most of the large carriers such as the national airline Lufthansa, Delta Airways, British Airways, Continental...

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Metro and the Railway system - Berlin

Metro and the Railway system

Berlin has an extensive network of railways which can be fairly confusing for a first time visitor. The national rail service is Deutsche Bahn and it has four train categories. The Regional (RBP), the Regional Express (RE), the Interregional Express (IRE) and the Intercity Express (ICE). The...

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Taxi - Berlin


Taxis can be a convenient method to get around when there is no other option. They can be flagged down on the road (when the yellow light is on, the taxi is empty) or at a taxi stand. You can expect Taxi drivers to speak passable English. Although all taxis are metered, there may sometimes be a...

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