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Muslim Information in Berlin - Germany

Bilal Moschee - Berlin

Bilal Moschee

Address: Drontheimerstr. 16, Wedding, very close to Interkulturelles Zentrum
Phone: 49912702

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Inssan für kulturelle Interaktion Mosque - Berlin

Inssan für kulturelle Interaktion Mosque

Address: Seydelstr. 28, Berlin Mitte
Phone: 20 619 639

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Interkulturelles Zentrum Mosque - Berlin

Interkulturelles Zentrum Mosque

Address: Drontheimer Strasse 32a, Wedding
Phone: 49500803

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Islamische Moschee des Ahmadiyya-Muslim Jamaats - Berlin

Islamische Moschee des Ahmadiyya-Muslim Jamaats

Address: Meteorstraße 52, near Tegel Airport in Wedding.
Phone: 4138546

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Mevlana Moschee - Berlin

Mevlana Moschee

Address: Skalitzer Straße 132, Kreuzberg
Phone: 6158991

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Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque - Berlin

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque

Address: Skalitzer Str.33, Kreuzberg
Phone: 6126961

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other informations - Berlin

other informations

There are about 18 mosques scattered around the greater Berlin area, again mostly in the Neukölln and Wedding areas. Most are traditional, with a few Lahori mosques. Your hotel will be glad to give you locations as will any tourist helpdesk.

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