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Frauenhotel Intermezzo

altGertrud-Kolmar-Straße 5 10117 Berlin Telephone: 22 48 90 96, Fax: 22 48 90 97,
Website: www.hotelintermezzo.de
This hotel is unique in that it offers accommodation exclusively to women, though all children are welcome. The hotel is located close to the QVPN Subway and within walking distance to a number of museums, theatres, restaurants and shops. 17, rooms, furnished in IKEA style, are on offer. All of the rooms have a shower and some of them have a toilet (additional toilets are located along the hallway). The hotel also offers one double room for handicapped persons, with shower and toilet. The services that the hotel offer include breakfast buffet, wireless internet access in the some areas of the hotel, luggage storage and parking.


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