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Berlin today

altBerlin is a large and prosperous city, where business and slick city styles amalgamate with vibrant arts, music and youth scenes. It is built over several waterways making almost any journey require crossing a bridge. Beautiful ancient architecture, bombed out shells of buildings, modern monuments and murals painted by children make up some of the sights you will see when you first come into the city.
The Berlin region is separated into 12 boroughs, each with its own distinctive character. This is due to the former separation of the regions. There are many top-class museums and places of historic and architectural interest to explore, and interesting restaurants and nightspots to discover.

The transport system is extremely efficient, you will find that public transport will get you anywhere without much hassle at all. Signs are clear, almost always in English, and police and security guards are happy to help.

Don’t miss the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag; undoubtedly the biggest tourist draw cards in the region. Definitely visit The Jewish Museum; a haunting place but ultimately worth it, and have a walk around Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz for some spectacular views of the city and a showcase of its modern buildings.

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