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General Information About Berlin - Germany

Annual Temperature - Berlin

Annual Temperature

Month    High (°C)    Low(°C)
January    2.9    -1.9
February    4.2    -1.5
March    8.5    1.3
April    13.2    4.2
May    18.9    9.0
June    21.6    12.3
July    23.7    14.3
August   ...

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Berlin History - Berlin

Berlin History

Berlin has had an illustrious history, if a relatively short one, and has been in the hands of five forms of government, all in the 20th century. Berlin was only founded as a city in the 13th Century and was initially a small town. It was amalgamated with neighboring CölIn (which is the current...

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Berlin Residents - Berlin

Berlin Residents

It is difficult to describe a ‘typical’ Berliner, simply because society is always changing and the people of the city come from a variety of backgrounds. Most of the residents have lived in the city for less than ten years and it is not easy to find a ‘born-and-bred’ Berliner. The society...

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Berlin today - Berlin

Berlin today

Berlin is a large and prosperous city, where business and slick city styles amalgamate with vibrant arts, music and youth scenes. It is built over several waterways making almost any journey require crossing a bridge. Beautiful ancient architecture, bombed out shells of buildings, modern monuments...

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Currency and Exchange Rates - Berlin

Currency and Exchange Rates

The Euro (€) is the currency in German {loadposition currency}  ...

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Fast Facts - Berlin

Fast Facts

-Location: Berlin is situated in the north-east of Germany, in the midst of a network of lakes and marshes. The river Spree follows a valley carved out by ice flows many thousands of years ago, and meets the wide river Havel in the borough of Spandau.  Most of the region is flat with a few rolling...

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Public Holidays - Berlin

Public Holidays

The weekend in Germany, like the rest of the European Union, is Saturday-Sunday

New Year’s Day: 1st Jan

Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday, generally in April. The exact date depends on the lunar calendar. Easter Monday, Ascension Day and Whit Monday also...

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Visa Information - Berlin

Visa Information

Getting a visit visa into Germany is a fairly quick process. U.A.E and most G.C.C country nationals will need their passport (valid for atleast 6 months), two passport photographs, a copy of a health insurance policy, completed application forms and proof of the reason for travel (i.e. hotel...

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