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Shopping in Paris - France

Agnès b - Paris

Agnès b

One of the leading designers of shirts, pullovers and cardigans for men, women, and children, they specialize in high quality cotton, and merino wool garments.
Address: 2, 3, 6, 10 & 19 rue du Jour, 1st Arrondisement, Les Halles
Telephone: (01) 4233 0413,...

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APC - Paris


Paris is littered with shops carrying moderately priced goods but as the city is one of the fashion capitals of the world, do not expect too many low priced shops. However, during the annual sales, prices do fall quite a bit.  One of the coolest boutiques in the city, APC carries a wide...

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Boutique M Dia - Paris

Boutique M Dia

Mohammed Dia has one of the best collections of urban sports clothes and shoes and is a great place to find high quality casuals. The shoe line he carries is worn by the Dallas Mavericks, so if you want high quality footwear, this is as good as it gets!
Address: 5-7...

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Catherine Malandrino - Paris

Catherine Malandrino

After designing for stars like Madonna in New York, Catherine Malandrino has opened a boutique in France  which showcases some of her best patchwork and embroidered dresses, and strappy sandals.
Address: 10 rue de Grenelle, 6th Arrondisement,...

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Jean-Paul Gaultier - Paris

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Ready to wear clothes and accessories galore! Jean-Paul Gaultier is a leading name in the expensive ready-to-wear apparel category in France and also carries some great pairs of jeans!
Address: 6 rue Vivienne, 2nd Arrondisement, Bourse
Telephone: (01) 4286...

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Le Mouton  à  Cinq Pattes - Paris

Le Mouton à Cinq Pattes

One of the best places to find last season's collections from Chanel to Lagerfeld! Address: 138 bd St-Germain, 6th Arrondisement, Odeon or MabillonTelephone: (01) 4326 4925 ...

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Paris-Musées - Paris


One of the best places to find ceramics and funky looking lamps designed by young local designers! It is run by the Paris Museum Federation and is a great place to find some cool gift items. Address: 29bis rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 4th Arrondisement, St-PaulTelephone: (01) 4274 1302 ...

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Souvenir shopping - Paris

Souvenir shopping

    The area to the north of the boulevard Saint-Germain is filled with souvenir shops. Very few Parisians enter that area as the prices can be somewhat on the higher side.    You can find plenty of souvenir shops at Montmartre’s Place du Tertre - the shops are open in...

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