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Guy Savoy

altThis is one of ten restaurants in Paris to receive the ultra-prestigious three-star rating from Michelin.  It’s named for world renowned chef Guy Savoy.  Prepare to pay up to €400 for the most expensive menu (you can also order à la carte), but also prepare to be pampered by the attentive wait staff and to enjoy some of the best French cuisine in the world.  If you’re paying this much for a meal, you’re going to want the very best, and this is it.

Reservations need to be made months in advance and confirmed the night before.  Every day during lunch one table is reserved for guests who book online.  You get to choose one appetizer, one entrée and one desert for €110.

Address: 18 rue Troyon, 75017 Paris, France
Website: www.guysavoy.com


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